• Series: Re-Discovering Urban Nature
  • Date: June 2020
  • Medium: Acrylic, Re-Harvested Glass
  • Dimensions: 24x36 In.

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Late Spring of 2020 after lockdown sourcing inspiration proved to be a bit challenging. Reconnecting with nature or using it as a muse does seem to be a reoccurring theme throughout my art. I’m always drawn back to something that grows, moves and transforms. I love how nature is mystical and mysterious.

Dandelions had been provoking my interest. They’re often looked at as something so ordinary, ugly or even a nuisance. however, when you change your perspective they have such a beauty about them. I started to take notice of the way they can blanket a vast green field in their yellow blooms. Yet at the right time transform into these transparent, light-weight, fluffy globes just waiting to take off in flight.

Displayed @ Juniper Cafer, Kingston, Ontario.

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Dimensions 92 × 3.8 × 61 cm

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