June 29, 2020, – Sept. 29, 2020, | Solo Show | Juniper Cafe, Kingston, ON.

When my outdoor time suddenly became limited to walking my dog, Java, I started to take more notice to the nature that surrounded me on our usual routes.
It’s been beautiful to see the transformation of nature. Curbside perennial gardens and mini meadows have grown for another season adding splashes of colour to our paved city.


March 2020, | Group Show | HARS, Kingston, ON.



March 2020, | Dou-Show | Berry & Peterson Booksellers, Kingston, ON.

February, 2020 | Dou-Show | Canadian Cancer Society – Kingston, ON. 

February 2020 | Group Show | Union Gallery Kingston, ON. 

November 2019 | Group Show | Modern Fuel Artist-Run Gallery Kingston On.

May 2019 | Group Show | The Tett Centre, Kingston, ON.